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  • The EviDenS Spring Coffret offers you the best solution for your sensitive skin during the change of the season.  - The Night Recovery Solution (50ml) - The Body Firming Cream(200ml) - Gift: The Silky Shower & Bath Cream (500ml)

    220,00 €
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  • Soft and creamy, The Double Action Anti-Aging Exfoliating Cream is highly enriched with the anti-aging QAI® Complex, our star Complex The Triple Collagen®, and in targeted purifying, detoxifying and soothing last generation active ingredients. This is the essential step for lifting the dulling veil hiding the skin’s natural glow.  Tube 55ml

    69,00 €
    In stock
  • Rich and melting, The Revitalizing Lip Treatment smoothes, regenerates and redensifies the lips. Highly enriched with Triple Collagen® and exclusive ingredients from the Lip Volumizer Complex®, this restructuring lip treatment helps to prevent and correct the visible signs of aging by improving collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid synthesis. 10ml

    49,00 €
    In stock
  • Restore - Boost - Perfect

    250,00 €
    In stock


  • The Special Mask is an amazing «Icy Wake-Up» textured mask which tightens your pores, lightens your complexion and tones your congested and asphyxiated skin.Jar 50 ml

    150,00 €
    In stock
  • The Serum is an Elixir of Youth. Its fresh and crystal-clear texture melts in instantly, releasing its precious anti-aging ingredients from the QAI® Complex agents ( Triple Collagen, Q10 co-enzyme, Amino Acids, Mulberry Root extract). Pump dispenser bottle 30 ml

    270,00 €
    In stock
  • The Extreme Cream is the absolute anti-aging concentrate of vital energy. Jar 50 ml 

    590,00 €
    In stock
  • A non-oily melt-in nano-emulsion that removes existing dark spots. Jar 30 ml

    315,00 €
    In stock
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