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  • Collagen - Placenta - Ceramide  Your skin is a reflection of your inside. It is the mirror of what you eat, what you drink and how you live. Few researches show that feeding the skin from within has powerful effects on its surface texture, radiance and blemishes… Delivery from Japan. 3 Boxes purchase, receive one extra box as gift.

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  • Ishibashi has decided to combine the best marine and terrestrial plants in order to create The Perfect Body Cream. The result: an exceptional anti-age moisturising slimming and firming cream which is not only efficient but also respects even the most sensitive skin. 150ml - 5.07 FL.OZ

    95,00 €
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     Face and Neck The 7 Minutes Brightening Anti-Aging Mask is a revolutionary mask. Its pure Biocollagène® nanostructure is impregnated with a serum highly concentrated in Triple Collagen® and active ingredients of the Bright Domino Process®. 1 Mask Sheet x 28ml

    40,00 €
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  •  Face and Neck This Mask provides an instant “wake-up” effect to tired and sagging skins. Its pure Biocollagen nanostructure is highly concentrated in Triple Collagen® and specific hydrating and lifting ingredients. This revolutionary mask infuses skin deeply with exclusive ingredients to instantly dynamize, replump and smooth skin. 1 Sheet - 28 ml

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    The Special Mask is an amazing «Icy Wake-Up» textured mask which tightens your pores, lightens your complexion and tones your congested and asphyxiated skin.Jar 50 ml

    155,00 €
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    The Serum is an Elixir of Youth. Its fresh and crystal-clear texture melts in instantly, releasing its precious anti-aging ingredients from the QAI® Complex agents ( Triple Collagen, Q10 co-enzyme, Amino Acids, Mulberry Root extract). Pump dispenser bottle 30 ml

    275,00 €
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  • The Extreme Cream is the absolute anti-aging concentrate of vital energy. Jar 50 ml 

    600,00 €
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    A non-oily melt-in nano-emulsion that removes existing dark spots. Jar 30 ml

    315,00 €
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