Retreat by Bodywize , HongKong

Retreat by Bodywize is one of relaxation and tranquility, the multi-award winning spa sanctuary now includes a wide range of spiritually-inspired spa journeys, a blend of Eastern and Western spa services in a comfort haven with its subtle art deco and spacious area, is a perfect spiritual and wellness destination in the heart of the HK city. Guests' beautifying journeys begin with a stroll along a promenade awash in natural sunlight before indulging in one of the many spa treatments ranging from classic to high-tech - all treatments and programmes that adhere to its brand value of " a way of life".

The Leaf Jimbaran, Bali

The Leaf JimbaranThe Leaf Jimbaran in Bali From October 2015 a new place of heaven opens in Bali: The Leaf Jimbaran. This luxury resort tastefully furnished and elegantly decorated offers the best consumer experience. It is the perfect place to bring back the balance for heart, mind and soul. 

Reflecting its commitment to natural beauty, The Leaf Jimbaran has choosen EviDenS de Beauté as the exclusive skincare brand to ensure the best spa treatments. Our products which have been custom-created to ensure uncompromised luxury, quality and effectiveness, made this amazing hotel fall in love with our brand! In an oasis of serenity, customers will dive into the world of sensory of EviDenS de Beauté.

SHA Wellness Clinic, Alicante

EviDenS de Beauté is THE brand of the SHA Wellness Clinic and the leading brand of its two boutiques Esenza by SHA in Madrid Barajas Airport. All the face care treatment are realized thanks to EviDenS de Beauté's products.

The SHA Wellness Clinic is a pioneer wellbeing clinic dedicated to the improvement and continuation of health. It combines the best Asian ancestral therapies to the newest western medical techniques. In 6 years, the clinic has won more than 30 International awards. Nowadays, it is known as one of the 5 best wellness clinics worldwide, its clients: the international elite in policy, economy and show business (Vladimir Putin, Kylie Minogue, Naomi Campbell, Barbra Streisand and John Galliano, etc.)

The Capri Palace, Isola di Capri

EviDenS de beauté is the anti-ageing skincare line of the Capri Palace, this is a sign of recognition of the quality and efficiency of EviDenS' products. The Capri Palace is a 5* hotel member of the "Leading Small Hotels of the World" and with a 2 Michelin-starred restaurant and beach Club, the Capri Palace is worldwide recognized as the reference regarding luxury hotel, wellness and R&R center, for the worldwide Jet set. The Capri Palace Hotel & Spa is a wellness center, and retreat center offers includes beauty & physical treatments. This Wellness Center is one of the most luxurious and well known in Italy.

Il Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria, Sorrento

The Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria has chosen the EviDenS de Beauté line for its spa because of its incredible proven efficiency.

Set in a unique location overlooking the Gulf of Naples, the Excelsior Vittoria is an award-winning luxury hotel which keeps alive a long tradition of Italian hospitality excellence. Among the others, Richard Wagner, Enrico Caruso, Marilyn Monroe, Luciano Pavarotti and Sophia Loren have all appreciated the hotel's elegance and services.

For a day, a week, follow the footsteps of an aristocrat of the XIXth century on his Grand Tour. Discover Sorrento, its cliffs and steep slopes of along the turquoise water. Take a walk in the citrus grove; enjoy the enticing smell of the flower beds. Finally, rest your soul and body in the Hotel’s luxurious spa and reveal your beauty with one of EviDenS de Beauté’s rituals inspired by Japanese beauty secrets. Relish a glass of champagne in the Bar Vittoria before joining The Terrazza Bosquet and its stunning view on the Gulf of Naples for dinner.



The Ritz Carlton, Séoul

As one of the most distinctive hotels in the Gangnam district, The Ritz-Carlton, Seoul, invites you to relax and experience the unmistakable sights, sounds and flavours of Korea from within a lavish, Versailles-inspired interior. Frequented by Korea’s elite, The Ritz-Carlton, Seoul is conveniently located among the fashionable shops, cafes and luxury hotels in Gangnam, an upscale neighbourhood in the heart of downtown Seoul.

Themae Spa at The Ritz-Carlton, Seoul is a must-experience within this 5 stars luxury hotel. The spa features both Western and Japanese traditional massages using EviDenS de Beauté skin cares for an ultimate and luxury relaxing experience within 30,000sq ft of recreational and spa facilities.

The Puente Romano, Marbella

The Puente Romano 5 stars Hotel has been designed to recreate the character and charm of an Andalusian beachfront village and opens its doors to Marbella's blue skies and the majestic Mediterranean Sea. The Luxury beach hotel is a privileged place in Marbella beside the sea where you may develop your mind and body thanks to the great leisure and sports offered. Relaxation is fundamental after physical efforts. This is precisely why The Puente Romano prepared modern massage rooms and a luxury spa served by highly qualified personnel who provide relaxing massages thanks to EviDenS de Beauté treatments for a healthy skin.

The Clinic Medelle, Kiev

The Medelle Clinic is a center entirely dedicated to dermatology and aesthetic Medicine and. Located in Kiev down-town; it offers a professional and efficient approach to solve skin problems and diseases thanks to equipment at the forefront of the latest technologies in terms of skin care.

The Medelle Clinic provides a unique solution to effectively fight against skin ageing, smooth deep and fine wrinkles and restore firmness and elasticity of the skin. EviDenS de Beauté skin care products are combined with these treatments to bring a daily solution in the fight against skin ageing.