The perfect alliance between Japanese cosmetology and French know-how. Our mission: to develop products adapted to all skin types, even the most sensitive.
All our formulas include the unique ingredient of Triple Collagen for targeted action on all layers of the skin. 
Associated with the Foux water drawn from France nourishing and moisturizing the skin in depth, these 2 ingredients offer visible results from the first uses.


EviDenS de Beauté is a tribute from French entrepreneur, Charles-Edouard Barthes, to his Japanese wife Eriko Nakamura, and more generally, to all women.


Sahos or beauty ceremonies are available in several ranges to meet the specific needs of all skin types, even the most sensitive.              



EviDenS de Beauté has developed the "Gifting Saho", the Japanese Art of Gifting, an immersive experience  that combines elegance with perfection.



Located in the heart of Paris, La Maison EviDenS de Beauté is a unique and prestigious venue that offers beauty care ceremonies for the face.  



Located in the south of France, the birthplace of Charles-Edouard Barthes, the Château de Montfort is a unique site.  Steeped in history, it hosts exceptional gatherings such as international training courses, seminars and special brand events.


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  • These two products are going to be your allies all summer long...☀️

For a maximum protection throughout the day, use The Total Shield as touch-ups on top of your make-up. And after an intense exposure to the sun, apply The Cream Mask for instant comfort.

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  • 80% of skin aging is due to UV rays. 

Protecting your skin from aging means first of all shielding it from the harmful effects of the sun. We can not emphasize this enough: UV rays cause DNA changes in the skin that can lead to premature aging and accelerate the appearance of the signs of aging. 

The Total Shield SPF50 - PA++++ acts as a defense against external aggressions: 
Anti-UVA/UVB, Anti-Pollution & Anti-Aging. 

The highest protection as light as a veil, making it the perfet ally for an urban living.

#evidensdebeaute #MySkinMyShield #sunscreenproduct
  • Dive into EviDenS de Beauté’s most inconic products! The Special Mask awakens, lifts and tones skin while The Total Shield fight against its premature aging. 

#evidensdebeaute #MySkinMyShield #sunscreenproduct
  • An exfoliating duo to bring a softer skin without irritation.

Use 2 or 3 times per week The Double-action Exfoliating Cream before The New Skin Peeling Gel to provide a deep cleansing to oily, thick and asphyxiated skin. Thanks to their gentle formulas, your skin feels smooth, radiant and still hydrated!

#evidensdebeaute #MySkinMyShield #antiagingtreatment
  • Opt for our Summer Allies during the hot season!

This perfect duo will protect your skin before sun exposure thanks to The Total Shield & soothe it afterwards with The Cream Mask. 

#MySkinMyShield #antiagingtips  #evidensdebeaute
  • Why should you triple cleanse your face & neck?
Cleaning and purifying your skin boosts the benefits of subsequently applied treatments. It can make all the difference!

Step 1 - The Make-up Remover Milk & The Bi-Phase Eye & Lip Make-Up Remover
Step 2 - The Cleansing Foaming Gel
Step 3 - The Moisturizing Lotion

#evidensdebeaute #MySkinMyShield #cleansingroutine
  • Seeking for a non-greasy sunprotection this summer? The Total Shield SPF50 - PA++++ is your perfect ally!
Its extremely light texture will instantly melts upon contact with your skin, leaving it matte and soft with no visible shine. 

Our SPF50 in three words : Anti UVA/UVB, Anti-Pollution, Anti-Aging.

#evidensdebeaute #MySkinMyShield #sunscreenproduct
  • From darkness to light, there is only one step. Guess which product is protecting you from external agressions ?

#MySkinMyShield #evidensdebeaute #skincarebrand
  • A natural phenomenon, the solar eclipse embodies the power of the elements. The Moon becomes a natural and impenetrable shield to the powerful rays of the sun. 

#evidensdebeaute #MySkinMyShield #skincarebrand
  • The eye area is the most delicate part of the face. Give it a special attention with our tailored routine.

First, use The Bi-Phase Eye & Lip Make-up Remover to take away all impurities and prepare your skin. Then, apply The Special Eye Treatment to instantly bright and firm the eye contour. And for a weekly treatment, apply our New Born Eye Mask to tone and decongest the eye area.

#evidensdebeaute #antiagingproducts #eyemasks
  • EviDenS de Beauté wishes a wonderful French Mother's Day to all the moms in the world 💐

#evidensdebeaute #happymothersday
  • Awaken your sensitive undereye area with The New-Born Eyes Mask. 

Specially developed using the Aqua Mask Technology, this revolutionary mask offers a significant occlusion effect, strong adhesion properties and high penetration. It hydrates, tones and reduces puffiness, infusing skin with a burst of energizing freshness for instantly revived eyes.

#evidensdebeaute #eyemask #antiagingproducts
  • With skin regenerating QAI® complex, The Essential Saho delivers vital energy, radiance and smoothness to get your skin glow back.

#evidensdebeaute #antiagingproducts
  • Intensely nourish your skin and protect its natural beauty with The Rich Cream.

Enveloping the face in a protective film, it will preserve your skin from the harmful effects of cold weather and asphyxiating pollution to deliver deep-down hydrating and soothing action. 

#evidensdebeaute #AntiAgingproducts #skincareglow #nourishingcream
  • A unique core formula to awaken the senses of your skin.

Formulated with powerful active principles, The Special Mask is enriched with the QAI® Complex and Triple Collagen, the brand’s exclusive anti-aging ingredients that stimulate collagen production and strengthen cell cohesion.

It also contains Menthyl Lactate, a refreshing agent adapted to sensitive skin, which delivers immediate and lasting freshness. Moreover, Sorbitol is added for its exceptional moisture retaining properties, leaving skin silky smooth and preventing water loss.

#evidensdebeaute #SpecialMaskFestiveSeason #antiagingproducts
  • A Special Gift for you…

Celebrate this festive season with The Special Mask. This iconic creamy mask owes its reputation to its highly efficient formula & instant visible results. This unique solution boasts an icy wake-up texture that refines the skin, lifts and illuminates the complexion.

#evidensdebeaute #SpecialMaskFestiveSeason #antiagingproducts
  • Having a special event tonight?  Benefit from the "ready to go" results of The Special Mask.

Applied with The Special Brush, it provides an exceptional sensory experience. The texture is melting and the refreshing sensation on the skin is unique. The promise of a moment out of time.

#evidensdebeaute #SpecialMaskFestiveSeason #antiagingproducts
  • Make the perfect gift for your Special Mum.

#evidensdebeaute #SpecialMaskFestiveSeason #antiagingproducts
  • How to apply The Special Mask? Here is all you need to know!

1. Remove a dab of mask with the spatula and apply it to the back of your hand.
2. Then, apply a thin layer to thoroughly cleansed face, avoiding the eye contour.
3. Use fingertips of The Special Brush for optimal results.
4. Leave it on for 15min, then remove excess product with a cotton pad soaked in The Moisturizing Lotion.
5. Store The Special Mask Limited Edition in the refrigerator to boost the stimulation of blood microcirculation generated by the cold.

#SpecialMaskFestiveSeason #HowToSkincare #evidensdebeaute
  • Beautifully adorned with a golden decor, The Special Mask is back more festive than ever.

#TheSpecialMaskFestiveSeason #evidensdebeaute #antiagingproducts


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