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  • This rich and silky soap gently cleanses, nourishes while subtly scents the skin with a delicate fragrance. 150g

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  • This crystal-clear gel of the Cleansing Foaming Gel becomes a fine, smooth foam when mixed with water. 
 Pump dispenser bottle 200 ml * Pre-order item, the delivery time is more than 4 weeks

    65,00 €
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  • The Make-Up Remover Milk is a delicate and milky texture with a subtle fragrance. It gently wipes off make-up from face and eyes while soothing and softening skin.Pump dispenser bottle 200 ml

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  • The Moisturizing Lotion is a refreshing elixir which is the essential finishing touch to make-up removal and cleansing of sensitive skins while restoring the right level of moisture.Pump dispenser bottle 200ml * Pre-order item,  the delivery time is more than 4 weeks

    85,00 €
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  • This pearly white body cleanser features a silky balm texture for even greater softness. Dispenser pump bottle 500ml

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    With an incredibly fresh and melting texture, this intense hydrating gel-mask is all the skin needs to boost and complete its natural regeneration process. Jar 50 ml

    99,00 €
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  • With refreshing micro beads that burst on contact with skin, The Crackling Body Foam provides a «wake up» effect to skin while providing instant pleasure.  Aerosol 260ml

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This Mineral and stimulating Lotion soothes your skin after the cleansing, it prevents oxygen activation inside the cells, to slow down the appearance of dark spots.Pump dispenser bottle 200 ml

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    Extremely soft and light foam stimulates your skin microcirculation and allows a better hydration.Aerosol 90g

    120,00 €
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  • This «youth glow» treatment features a rich, creamy texture and offers immediate comfort to dry, dull, dehydrated skin.  Jar 50 ml * Pre-order item, the delivery time is more than 4 weeks

    135,00 €
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  • 4 Review(s)

    The Special Mask is an amazing «Icy Wake-Up» textured mask which tightens your pores, lightens your complexion and tones your congested and asphyxiated skin.Jar 50 ml * Pre-order item,  the delivery time is more than 4 weeks

    165,00 €
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  • With an exceptionally fine texture, The Eye Recovery Serum is a «high-tech» nano-emulsion which provides a complete regenerating treatment.  Pump dispenser bottle 15 ml

    199,00 €
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Showing 1 - 12 of 21 items