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    The Serum is an Elixir of Youth. Its fresh and crystal-clear texture melts in instantly, releasing its precious anti-aging ingredients from the QAI® Complex agents ( Triple Collagen, Q10 co-enzyme, Amino Acids, Mulberry Root extract). Pump dispenser bottle 30 ml

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  • This «youth glow» treatment features a rich, creamy texture and offers immediate comfort to dry, dull, dehydrated skin.  Jar 50 ml

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    Consisting of The Intensive Brightening Essence and Mask, The Intensive Brightening Treatment is to be used for 4 weeks, as an ultra-enriched weekly anti-spot care. 4 phials (4x3ml) & 4 masks (4x30ml)

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Showing 13 - 15 of 15 items