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Layer by layer, Evidens de Beauté gradually unveils each essential chapter of its history.

The story behind the Franco-Japanese Brand is told using animated graphics, sketching the lines of a narrative in permanent movement. Between France and Japan. Between the art of living and the art of beauty. Between pleasure and excellence. Between elegance and high standards. Between pleasure and excellence. Between elegance and high standards.

A duality that flourishes, and is perfectly harmonious and complementary, like the Art of Saho,

the Japanese beauty ritual that is at the very origin of Evidens de Beauté.

This story draws inspiration from the Art of Saho, encouraging conversation over monologue, and continuously offering a vision of the two facets of its identity.  

The animated graphics, on the other hand, aim at bringing this dual nature into one image, and one single line. That of French artist Quibe, master in the art of one-line drawings.  

An approach inspired by Cocteau's illustrations, one of which adorns the ceiling in the home of Charles-Edouard Barthes, founder of Evidens de Beauté.  

This line is unique, precise and graceful, symbolizing the delicacy of an approach to the quintessence of absolute beauty. Like life, this simple line may sometimes carry complex elements, new materials, personal photographs, colors... all bound to the continuous thread of a constantly evolving story.

It is always in movement. The drawing advances, jostles, changes, fades, and is replaced, expressing the ever-evolving search inherent to any adventure where audacity follows its intuition.

Chapter 1 : Love is the reason.

The origins of the brand are rooted in a love story.

A unique and even epic encounter between two individuals who initially had no reason to meet; yet, who have come together in eternal love.

Charles-Edouard Barthes

Charles-Edouard Barthes, a businessman working in French fashion, and Eriko Nakamura, a famous anchorwoman on Japanese television. It all began in the elevator of a Tokyo hotel...

Such love may be brought to light, but no one will be able to grasp its true beauty if they are unfamiliar with the very beginning.

Before uniting in marriage, followed by the revolutionary idea that led to the creation of Evidens de Beauté, is a story of intimacy.  An intimacy that has developed over time, thanks to surprising, unexpected, sometimes unsuccessful, but always romantic encounters... whose only narrators are the heroes of this adventure.

The first film is therefore not a story, but a conversation. Between him and her. Between chance and destiny. Between the ideal and the absolute. If he starts the discussion, she follows with her emotions. If she talks about a feeling, he expresses it with passion.

He speaks in French, and she in Japanese.  It is as if their souls have come together as one, instinctively sharing their thoughts with instant comprehension. As for subtitles, they have invited us to enter into their private sphere.  

Like words, the illustration is gentle, loving and elegant. But its narrative is richer and allows us to perceive what is left unspoken, sometimes creating an obscure reflection with strong symbolism. And, it adds a layer of expression to the ritual of growing love.

This first chapter takes on the form and intensity of a living print brimming with secrets, which are as quickly unveiled as they are erased by the twists and turns of a story that is alive and constantly changing.

The rest of the story will follow in the  same spirit, to tell us about  the creation of the Brand’s skincare and the experience of a Japanese  ritual with Mediterranean accents.

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