Why is Triple Collagen revolutionary?

The etymology of the word collagen (from the Greek: colla – to stick and genno – to give life) best expresses the function of this essential protein of connective tissues, which “sticks together”. Present everywhere in the human body, its role can be compared to an armature ensuring the cohesion of cells and tissues, as well as their resistance. Collagen fibres also possess the capacity to hold water inside the organism. Collagen is mainly responsible for the mechanical protection of the organism by the skin, the maintenance of the structure of the skin by safeguarding its hydration, its elasticity and its firmness, slowing down the appearance of wrinkles.

A treasure of nature uncovered by the best researchers

Triple Collagen is the result of more than 3 years of hard work, a unique collaboration between Pr Ishibashi’s team of the Laboratoires Montaigne in Tokyo, Hokkaido University research team and the National Japanese Institute of Research, which are working on the creation of an artificial skin.
These researchers discovered the incredible properties of a wild salmon living in very cold waters of Bering Strait. Triple Collagen is 100% natural, which guarantees a perfect skin penetration and optimal results.

It provides exceptional effectiveness with three different sizes of collagen, each targeting three skin layers:

Micro Collagen: penetrates deep into the skin to encourage cellular regeneration.

Medium Collagen: captures and seals water in, to provide skin with optimal nourishment.

Macro Collagen: hydrates the outer skin surface by creating a protective and moisturizing film.

Confirmed by tests, the result is seen on the face

Though it is an active ingredient with a prohibitive cost, only a few drops are enough to obtain spectacular results. What is more, the effects are quickly visible. On the surface, the skin tone is invigorated, cutaneous microcirculation is activated, the features are tautened and fine lines and wrinkles diminished. More deeply, the density of the collagen and elastine fibres is markedly increased, the cells revived and oxygenation favoured.

Skin is less wrinkled, more supple and softer.

Aside from this effect of lifting and rejuvenation, salmon collagen also exercises a very strong anti-inflammatory action, notably on acne and participates in the reduction of pigmentation spots and scars. 

Optimal hydration and protection of skin cells.
A unique ability to be trans-epidermic and bio-active.
An incredible speed of skin penetration for amazing results.
A stimulation of collagen creation to provide better elasticity.