Secure payment


It is understood that all payments will be immediately made on Internet. Except when the server is not available, the User shall have the following methods of payment, when he validates an order:

-payment by card

Bank cards: Bleue, Visa, Mastercard, Eurocard. The User should enter his card number, expiry date, the owner’s name and a visual cryptogram. Payments by Visa and Mastercard are secured due to the technology 3D Secure.

Banker’s cheque: the cheque and a printed form of the order should arrive at the customer service of Evidens de Beauté within eight (8) days: NOESIS, Evidens de Beauté, Customer Service 25 rue Boissière, 75116 Paris, France.

It is possible to cancel an order before sending a cheque by simply sending an e-mail or by phone: 00-33-(0)1 4704-0073 (local rate). NOESIS reserves the right to refuse any order or delivery if the ceiling, indicated in the preamble of the present paper is exceeded, if there is an ongoing dispute with the Buyer, if the Buyer had not paid for a former order, or paid only for part of it, if the banking institutions refuse the authorization to pay by bank card, in case of non-payment or partial payment. In the framework of the fight against any Internet fraud, the particular information related to the sale, will be controlled by the group OGONE, the partner in charge of financial transactions, appointed by NOESIS.

Surfing on the website

The User can get acquainted with the different products offered by NOESIS on the following site: The User may surf freely on the various pages of the website without any obligation to order a product.

How to register an order

If the User would like to order any product he will select the items that he might be interested in and to express that interest he will click on „Order”. Each and every selected item that he puts in the basket will be indicated by a specific screen. The User could at any moment:

-receive a summary of the products that he has selected or modified in his order by clicking the „Basket” available at the right hand side of each page at the top.

-follow the selection of products by clicking on „Follow my purchase”.

-terminate the selection of products and their order by clicking on „Order”.

To order the products that he has chosen the User should click on”Basket”. At that moment a summary of his order will appear on the screen. If the list that he is shown matches the products that he has selected, the User will validate the summary by clicking on „Order”.

The User will need to identify himself:

-either by giving his e-mail address and also his password, if he is a member of the Universe Evidens de Beauté

-or by exactly filling in the enclosed questionnaire, on which he should provide all the necessary information of identification, namely his surname and first name and postal address as well. The user is informed and accepts that all his identification particulars are proofs of his identity and expresses his approval. Once the User has been identified an order form will appear on the screen summarizing the type, quantity and price of the products reserved by the User and also the total price of the order, the personal data of the User and the address of delivery of the products.

Final validation of an order

The User will need to click on „I accept terms and conditions” to validate, before being able to select the form of payment offered on the same page. If the User decides to pay by cheque he validates his order by calling us by phone: 00-33-(0)1-47-04-00-73. If the User settles his order by bank card, he can validate the page by clicking on „Bank card”. The User is then invited to produce his banking data. The orders settled by bank cards will be validated after our partner, the banking group OGONE, in charge of financial transactions, has received the banking data on its secure pages.

Confirmation of orders

When a Buyer validates his order and payment, a summary will appear and show the number of the transaction. The Buyer will also receive that summary by e-mail as a confirmation of the order. That confirmation will resume all the integral parts of the contract concluded between the Parties. Ultimately, when an order has been prepared and dipatched, an e-mail confirmation of dispatch will also be sent to the Buyer.

  • Deluxes Travel Sizes and Samples as a gift in each order Deluxes Travel Sizes and Samples as a gift in each order
  • Worldwide Free Shipping Starts from 250€ + E.U Free Shipping Worldwide Free Shipping Starts from 250€ + E.U Free Shipping
  • Personalized customer service : Personalized customer service :



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