French elegance

Saint Paul de Vence, the birthplace of the founder, where the story begins

The roots of EviDenS are intimately linked to Charles-Edouard Barthes origins. 
This strong alliance is materialized by the family coat of arm on every EviDenS product.

His inspiration, his values, his convictions are the results of a love story and a strong and passionate character.
His family roots in the south of France since 13th century.
His 15 years of experience in luxury Haute-Couture house Jean-Louis Scherrer as general manager.
His love for the beautiful Eriko Nakamura.
His artistic character, his passion for perfection, a culture of elegance, his will to make women even more beautiful.

Eau de la Foux, a pure foundation with amazing virtues

On his childhood land, Charles-Edouard Barthes drew the spring water of Eau de la Foux, it is the essential base to every EviDenS de Beauté Formula
Known for thousand years, and picked for its incredible curative virtues, it gave life and health back to Poppea, wife of Neron and to the son of emperor Hadrian.
Incredibly pure, lightly mineralized, it is brought to Japan to contribute to the efficiency of EviDenS de Beauté formulas.

Grasse, creative soil of the French perfume industry

For his skin care line, Charles-Edouard Barthes wanted an exclusive fragrance. He created this unique bouquet in Grasse, birthplace of French Perfumery, which now accompanies the beauty ritual of millions of women...

Roses, Jasmine, Tuberose… The exclusive signature of EviDenS.