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EviDenS de Beauté is a tribute from a French man to his Japanese wife, and beyond her, to all women.

Japanese Art of Beauty & French Art de Vivre.

As Charles-Edouard closely observed his wife’s beauty routine and discovered her skincare secrets, he created the first anti-aging skincare line specially formulated for sensitive skin, and hence all skin types.

EviDenS de Beauté is at the crossroads of cutting-edge Japanese cosmetic expertise and world-envied French elegance: a constant celebration of authentic beauty and grace, with undeniable results.

“Having fallen madly in love with Japan, the splendor of Japanese women and the most beautiful woman of them all, I wanted to develop the ultimate skincare line to pay homage to her beauty”.
Charles Edouard Barthes
Founder & CEO


Following the Kaizen philosophy (quest for perfection) and French Haute Couture standards, each product is created with the most noble and efficient ingredients, showcased in the most voluptuous textures and the most sensual scents.

Our purpose: to provide to each woman with the most pleasurable journey throughout her beauty routine, combined with the satisfaction of real visible results.

EviDenS de Beauté is a true declaration of love to all women in the world. Not only does it allow them to enhance their beauty, it also boosts their own sense of self-love and self-confidence.”


Japan is world renowned for its expertise in cosmetology. In order to meet high quality standards, completing his vision of excellence for EviDenS de Beauté,  Charles Edouard Barthes developed product lines in collaboration with one of the most talented scientists, Professor Ishibashi, PhD in applied biotechnology, internationally-renowned researcher, advisor to the ministry of health and former head of R&D at leading Japanese cosmetics companies for over 20 years.

Pr. Ishibashi and his team work in line with the belief that even the most accomplished formula can always be improved, following the Kaizen philosophy anchored in Japanese culture – the never-ending quest for perfection.


A unique ingredient and exclusive breakthrough of Japanese origin, Triple Collagen is the result of more than 3 years of rigorous work, thanks to the unique collaboration between Pr. Ishibashi’s team at the Laboratoires Montaigne in Tokyo, the Hokkaido University research team and the National Japanese Institute of Research, which are working on the creation of artificial skin to treat severe burns.

These researchers discovered the incredible properties of wild salmon living in the pure, pollution-free and glacially-cold rivers on Hokkaido island.  100% natural, our Triple Collagen guarantees perfect skin penetration and optimal results.

The French Source

La Foux spring water is renowned for its incredible curative benefits and recognized as one of the purest spring waters on earth. The tale starts with Popée, the wife of Roman Emperor Neron, who drank this water every day to heal her fragile health. All year long, no matter the season, La Foux spring water maintains the same temperature as it originates from the deepest layers of the ground, constantly preserving its freshness and purity.  In homage to his birthplace and French roots, and after numerous rounds of tests, La Foux spring water has been added to every EviDens de Beauté formula in order to boost its effectiveness. Moreover, the

EviDens de Beauté iconic scents are created in Grasse, the cradle of French perfumery. The brand’s signature fragrance evokes a delicate bouquet of rose, jasmine and tuberose, leaving a subtle Mediterranean touch on the skin. La Provence embodies the typical French Art de Vivre (way of life), hedonistic and elegant, where sophistication comes from the simplicity of life and the beauty of nature. An endless source of inspiration for Evidens de Beauté and Charles Edouard Barthes.


1 %

of users reported a visible improvement in their epidermis (younger, smoother and firmer appearance). 


*Results confirmed by macrophotography (Medical Nikkor lens)

1 %

noted a clear increase in their skin’s level of elasticity. 


*Results confirmed by instrumental measuring (Cutometer SEM 575)

1 %

of users reported that their skin felt much softer, with attenuated wrinkles and fine lines. 

 *Measurements confirmed by macro photography (Medical Nikkor lens)

1 %

of women declared that their complexion was brighter and more radiant. 

*Measurements confirmed by macro photography (Minolta 200 lens)


No needs to present the EviDenS de Beauté Special Mask, a beauty icon, recognized by an anti-aging cosmetic brands, suitable for all skin types. The EviDenS de Beauté house has decided to pay tribute for him. 

The EviDenS de Beauté Special Mask infuses the skin with an energizing sensation of intense, addictive freshness from the very first use. This absolutely unique treatment combines the beauty secrets of Japan and the refinement of France. Flogship product of the Perfection Saho cosmetic range, this firming, moisturizing and lifting melting mask is a unique sensory experience. 


To celebrate its 10th anniversary, the EviDenS de Beauté brand opened its first Institute in France entirely devoted to enhancing the beauty of the face and hair:  La Maison EviDenS de Beauté.

Located in the heart of the 16th arrondissement of Paris, near the Palais de Tokyo, this unique salon, created by award-winning interior architect and designer Emmanuelle Simon, features the alliance of two worlds, Japan and France. Like the brand, the Institute pays tribute to Japan, a world of refined and sober elements, tatami mats and raku shelves. It also showcases the sublime beauty and elegance of France.

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