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The Massage Oil

Discover The Massage Oil Collection, the brand’s first body massage oils infused with 4 cherished scents inspired by The Candle Collection. Enjoy a unique EviDenS de Beauté experience at home, thanks to this selection of four different fragrances, which will take you on a true sensory journey. Specially developed for the body, these massage oils deeply moisturize, nourish, repair and regenerate the skin, enveloping it in a divinely scented signature fragrance.   


  • Jardin de Grasse
  • Ryokan Réminiscence
  • Cèdre Séculaire
  • Yuzu Impérial
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The Massage Oil Collection by EviDenS de Beauté, a French-Japanese luxury cosmetics brand, is inspired by traditional Japanese beauty secrets, enhanced with quintessential French elegance. These ultra-nourishing massage oils from The Body Saho range of Japanese cosmetics are available for sale online and in retail outlets in a 100 ml bottle. An essential step in your Spa at Home body care routine, these rapidly absorbed oils with a dry finish are ideal for application after exfoliating skin with The Body Peeling Gel, for an exquisitely silky smooth body with an instant glow.   

Formulated using high-performance ingredients for the body, these oils immediately smooth the skin’s texture, while replenishing moisture and essential nutrients to the body. It contains Helianthus Seed Oil, enriched with Omega-6, to moisturize, repair and regenerate skin, as well as Vitamin E with powerful antioxidant and anti-aging properties.

Ideal for use directly after The Body Peeling Gel, these oils whisk you away on an ultra-luxurious and enchanting journey, from the forests and floral fields of France to the heart of Japan, enhancing well-being, eliminating stress and soothing the body and spirit.  

Treat yourself to a unique, ultra-sensorial KOKORO experience, a Japanese concept meaning “intention from the heart” or “when the heart decides to act”.  It also refers to the interconnected relationship between the heart, soul and mind. To find your KOKORO is to restore harmony and balance to your soul, heart and mind, and thus reconnect with your true inner Self and body.

Looking for calm, inner peace and relaxation?  The signature Jardin de Grasse fragrance is just what you need!  This scent evokes an aromatic walk through a sumptuous Mediterranean flower garden, emanating with the fresh and flowery fragrance of rose, jasmine and tuberose notes. 

Are you seeking regeneration and a reboot? The signature Ryokan Réminiscence fragrance is perfect for you! This scent brings to mind a traditional Japanese inn, emitting the soothing fragrance of puffed rice released by Tatami, freeing the spirit, while energizing and uplifting the body.

In need of an invigorating and rejuvenating boost?  The signature Yuzu Impérial fragrance is the ideal choice.  This highly distinctive and intense citrus scent brings to mind a gentle stroll through Japanese gardens.  The ultimate mood-lifting aroma, this massage oil envelops the skin with the sparkling freshness of Yuzu for optimal harmony.

Looking for a more grounded and less stressful life?  The signature Cèdre Séculaire fragrance is made for you! This scent evokes a soothing stroll through a Provencal cedar forest, enveloping the body in the warmth and strength of Cedar, while diffusing a blend of heady spices to soothe the spirit and promote a positive attitude.  

Suitable for women and men of all ages and skin types, even the most dehydrated and dry, these divinely scented massage oils may be used on the body, hair and in the bath.  Whether you choose a relaxing, uplifting, soothing or exhilarating fragrance, each one of our massage oils will help restore balance to your body and mind. So, indulge your senses and skin in positive mood-enhancing fragrances by EviDenS de Beauté!

Product Details

Data sheet

Body massage oil
Active ingredients
  • Helianthus Seed Oil: Rich in Omega-6, this oil moisturizes, repairs and regenerates skin; Rapid absorption
  • Vitamin E: Powerful antioxidant and anti-aging properties

Option 1: 

  • Apply a thin layer of The Massage Oil to damp skin after your shower. 
  • Gently massage with circular strokes. 
  • Do not rinse.

Option 2: 

  • Apply a thin layer to dry body for an instant moisturizing effect. 
  • Gently massage with circular strokes. 

Hair application:

  • Warm the oil between the palms of your hands.
  • Before shampooing, gently massage the oil into your scalp for a few minutes. Work across the entire scalp, then down to the ends of your hair. Rinse off.
  • On dry hair, apply a small amount to hair ends for an extra shiny and scented effect.

Bath application:

  • Add The Massage Oil to warm running bathwater for an exceptional sensorial & relaxing experience.



Warning: the lists of ingredients used in the composition of EviDenS De Beauté products are often updated. Before using any product, please read the ingredient list on its packaging to ensure that the ingredients are suitable for your personal use.

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  • Samples in each order Samples in each order
  • Earn loyalty points with each order Earn loyalty points with each order
  • Personalized customer service Personalized customer service
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  • Worldwide Free Shipping Starts from 250€ + E.U Free Shipping Worldwide Free Shipping Starts from 250€ + E.U Free Shipping





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