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I really love this product, I recommend it to my mom and her friends. Best gift for her !!!
it is the special scent of EviDenS products ! I love it
Jardin de Grasse 5 Année  auparavant
Este kit tiene todo lo esencial para viajar, es práctico y, además, bonito y elegante.
Los productos, como todos los de Evidens, buenos y eficaces. Es un placer echarse sus cremas.
Da gusto que piensen en nosotras con algo tan bien pensado
LES ESSENTIELS DE VOYAGE 5 Année  auparavant
produit exceptionnel et incroyable.Conquise dès la première utilisation.
LE MASQUE SPÉCIAL 5 Année  auparavant
ce gommage vous laisse la peau incroyablement douce et éclatante , parfait avant un l' utilise aussi en gommage sur mes lèvres et c' est top.
adieu au regard fatigué en un tour de main.
5 Année  auparavant
Texture très agréable, imperceptible et en plus la cerise sur le gâteau ,c' est un véritable soin.J' ai découvert ces produits par hasard et j'en suis dingue !!!!
Ces produits sont incroyables
La revolution de la cosmétique de luxe a un nom: EVIDENS DE BEAUTE
5 Année  auparavant
使用后真的肌肤亮了好多好多! 而且感觉很 。。。 通透!
真的很好用非常推荐。 而且分两部分还有美白脖子。这样脸和脖子就不会分层了哈哈哈。
非常好用 真的真的!
里面精华特别多 可以抹全身 手臂上和胸前我都抹了。 感觉一片可以顶正常面膜十片咯。 一分价一分货果然的哦。
This product really makes your eye area look so much younger! I loved it!!
Excellent!! I recommend it to all my friends. I used it in the morning to "freshen up" the look and during the day over my makeup.. The result is great!
5 Année  auparavant
Very good result! I use it for the night and love the way my skin looks in the morning: fresh, soft and radiant!
LA CRÈME RICHE 5 Année  auparavant
Very good moisturizing effect without creating a shiny look with the make up use in the hot climate where I live. I enjoy this cream: skin looks fresh, glowing, pores minimized! Lovely texture and smell!I recommend to all my friends!
LA CRÈME DE JOUR 5 Année  auparavant
This is an amazing product! I used it after a long trip overnight, had a sleepless night.. And in the morning my skin looked fresh and beautiful as if I had a long restful sleep:))
Excellent mask! Skin looks fresh and moisturized! I loved the texture of the light foam:)
LE MASQUE DE MOUSSE 5 Année  auparavant
It is an amazing product, which really works as it says in the description! Fantastic result!
LE MASQUE SPÉCIAL 5 Année  auparavant
Fantastic! Excellent result: skin really looks so much fresher and younger looking!:))
LA CURE ÉCLAT INTENSE 4 Année  auparavant
不管是脸肿了 毛孔大了 黑头粉刺多了 痘痘了还有痘印了还是各种问题, 只要觉得自己变丑了就会用。


不过要保湿还是要配合睡眠面膜使用 就是那个Night Recovery Solution.
LE MASQUE SPÉCIAL 4 Année  auparavant
Well, someone might think it is too strong as a perfume, but i LOVE it, the wood scent brings me back to Asia, to my lovely country, feel like i am walking in a dream and I went to the mysterial temple or forests with my family, which surrounded by the oriental smokes and flowers which I can't speak the names.

As well the product lasts long time on my clothes and skin. sometimes even after shower i still can smell it. It makes me feel very woman, at the same time, it brings out my hidden strong side.

I sincerely recommand it and love it !
Escale en Orient 4 Année  auparavant
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